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Hey Legally Filipina readers!

Due to your support, it gave me the courage to risk it and be self-hosted! I am very happy to make my blog official especially before I enter the rigors of law school.

Oh, and quick update, I got accepted under the Juris Doctor program of De La Salle University – Manila!

I’ll be a law student in a few weeks, FINALLY!

I’m excited and I can’t wait to expand my content as I continue to grow.

However, it’s time to move on & if you want more Legally Filipina updates delivered straight to your inbox then you might want to subscribe at my new site.

I won’t spam & I will make sure that whatever I post will be worth reading.

As my subscriber or reader, you get exclusive updates. No doubt about that!

It will be from travel to lifestyle to legal topics made simple and interesting.

Here are some of the blog posts coming up on :

  • A Freelancer’s Guide to Contracts: It’s A Must
  • Travel Guide to Zurich, Switzerland
  • The Best Disney Park in the World is Tokyo Disney Sea!
  • Why You Should Consider a Legal Management Degree
  • Why it Took Me a Year Before Applying in Law School
  • What Ice Figure Skating Means to Me

I also plan on adding my law school reviewers & tips!

The purpose of Legally Filipina has always been to inspire others to catch their wildest dreams as well as to break stereotypes. I want to prove that you could have it all plus a professional career.

If Kim Kardashian can can star in her reality show plus launch a make-up line then become a lawyer, why can’t I?

In my case, I want to be a professional ice figure skater & a licensed lawyer while also traveling the world.

I’m an advocate of dreaming big. I want people to make their dreams scary enough that it pushes them outside their comfort zone.

This will be my last post here yet…

I won’t delete this blog as it still holds sentimental value for me.

I might look back at it from time to time hihi

With this, I want to say goodbye to my first serious blog.

Well, I used to have a blog in high school but I got shy and I felt like some people judged me. And because you reached it here, you might want to check this out:

Yeah, it was the younger me. I don’t even know who that girl is anymore! Please be kind. Keep harsh comments to yourself HAHA

On a serious note…

Blogging again after 7 years is a nostalgic experience. I only got demotivated before because I felt laughed at by some of my peers.

Probably, it was unusual for them at that time. I didn’t want to be a try-hard blogger in their eyes. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not holding grudges. I still understand why they used to think like that because we were all still young & immature back then. I was also easily persuaded by others.

In between those years, I was able to develop into the person I want to be. I’m not yet at the top & I’m still a work-in-progress but I’m contented in where I am at present. I met more people and formed meaningful friendships. I’ve accepted my flaws. I’ve been practicing self-care. I’ve become closer to God. I’ve been trying to do my best every day. I can now decide for myself without even looking at what others might think.

As mentioned on my “Blog Launching in the Time of Corona” post, I already wanted to create a blog since last year. I also want to revive what my high school self started yet I was anxious and it took a year of overthinking. Sadly, it lead nowhere but a site title and a concept.

Since the pandemic, almost everything stopped & I’m grabbing this opportunity to start again.

So, here we go, last but definitely not the least, I want to thank you for believing & trusting me.

Thank you for your kind words and encouragement.

Thank you for your guidance & help.

Thank you for your patience & understanding (even if I didn’t know how FB threads worked at first, so sorry)!

Thank you for your helpful blogs that influenced me to take the next step.

Thank you for everything else in between.

I hope you subscribe to because… is officially signing off.

With love,

Thea Octavo

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